Being child I was scared of dogs therefore would not believe (neither did my relatives) that in a couple of years time I turned into mad dog person. The person who caused my living for 15 years with bassets was my schoolmate at Agricultural University. She owned a pair of bassets who lived in a kennel at the university area. Before that I never saw bassethounds. And It was love for a first sight! It happended someday in September 1992. I´v booked puppy imediatelly so in November 1993 travelled home with me my 1st bassethound Albert z Masamíle.

Albert did not have typical temperament unfortunatelly, was aggressive. During his short life (7,5 years) this brought many problems into our common life. Despite the not easy life with him I´v been spellbounden by bassets and decided to obtain another bassethound. I´v started to look for another puppy abroad. Not easy task when I was an unknow person from „Eastern“ Europe. A turning point came during my participation at World Dog Show at Brussel. I had the chance to see correctly constructed bassets who were almost professionally handled by their owners, I saw many known European breeders for the 1st time, I´v met several people of which our friendship continues to this day. Firstly I met Marina Ernestovna Antonova from Sankt Peterbourg there. Thanks to her I´m bassethounds´ breeder!

During my visit at Marina she gave me pics of Moka Dos Sete Moinhos made at Brussel, because both of us liked that bitch the most. Marina encouragde me to write to Moka´s owners, to Vincenzo and Patrizia. They answered me and they had Moka´s litter that time, so I went by bus to Italy during Chrisstmass time in 1996, to visit them and see the puppies. Thanks to my personal visit Patrizia and Vincenzo found me to be suitable owner for their future puppy. So in August 1997 they´v brought me to Prague a daughter of Moka and Olde Fashion Racing with the Moon, named Nora Pois.


Nora was unbelivably good, nice and phlegmatic puppy. I was telling she was worthiest basset at Central Europe. She started her show duties at European Dog Show at Genova. Since that I´m keeping the tradition that every new bassethound starts it´s show duties at European or World Dog Shows. Nora was not showy, disliked running at showrings. Once she felt asleep in a ring, during show judged by E.Capra, I´v decided not to annoy her and stop showing her. Her last show was Strasbourg´s show in October 1999 where she got resCACIB. Nora was enormously photogenic , she was gorgeous on sitting or stacked pics, but movement was not her strong point. She was lazy moover, in the forest she did not jump over fallen bough. What speeded up her movement for sure was food. Her wonderfull head´s pen drawing by Marta Mastná became my kennel logo. Her very known sitting photo made by Renata Hoffman was often stollen and published at different websites. E.g. Hungarian Hounds Club had her photo in a club emblem.

fphoto by R.Hoffman

Nora was mated 3 times but never had puppies. I had to look for new bitch who would found Prdlavka breeding.

Because I always liked Scheel´s First Edition, he belongs to my personal TOP TEN of bassethounds of all time, and during Summer 2000 I´v noticed Scheels would have 2 litters out of handsome Easygoing della Luna Caprese, I contacted them. Since the first wonderfull puppy pics made by Kresten what they´v sent me I liked Castanuella the most and decided I would call her Kasthanka.

photo by K.Scheel

Two weeks before my journey to Scheel´s to collect her I´v got email from Nathalie Franckx from Belgium regarding Nora´s puppy. Our friendship and cooperation started that time and I imediatelly felt in love with her young Kintyre She´s Red van Grunsven. Nowdays I have 2 bitches from her, 2 bitches from Nhabira kennel what became quite famous during very short time. So I went to collect Kasthanka. Being at Scheel´s I´v immeditally realized huge diference between puppies´ and Nora´s charakter.Puppies swooped at me alike piranhas and whilest I was rolling on the floor my golden ear-ring with little diamond dissapeared. It was never found and as no puppy came to harm it was evident where ear-ring ended. In a mess! Little Kasthanka reminded terriers by temperament, fidgety, no time to sleep during the day. After arrival swarmed up to bed, nibbled my glasses and remote control there. Aged 4,5 month she mooved from Prague with Albert and Nora to our little house where she started watching over everything behind the fence immediatelly. She was howling and barking when felt somebody passed round. She´s being talkative to date.

Albert did not enjoy life in a house for a long time. Was paralised on rear in Fabruary 2001. Knowing his bad diagnosis – advanced stage of cancer since November 2000, had no sense to operate him. He was buried at animal cemetery Garden of most devoted friends at Prague. On his grave grows sugar maple because he loved sweets, prefered them over meat.

First show for Kasthanka was World Dog Show at Porto,but mainly needed to discharge her energy. Therefore she took part at coursing and got Coursing Licence as a 1st bassethound in Czech and maybe got it as a 1st bassethound in Europe as well. She passed with a trainer the Hounting tests what enabled her to enter working class at shows.

As was mentioned already I felt in love to Kintyre She´s Red van Grunsven aka Stien in the year 2000. When Nathalie bought Balmacara Baxter from UK and decided to mate Stien to him it was obvious if red blanket bitch would born she goes to me. Out of 12 puppies born in April 2003, one bitch only was red blanket and as revealed later on, was best from the litter. I found name for her Bohemian Gold but Belgian Kennel Book permits one word names only so her official name is Bohemia and I call her Goldie. Goldie´s first Show was at the European Show in Paris where she was Best Puppy.  Her promisingly started show duties – Junior Class wins, resBIS Junior Bitch at International Show was interupted my serious car crash in February 2003 . Later on was Goldie shown at Europena Dog Show at Bratislava only - was 3rd in Intermediate Class and the day after was Speciality Winner under Carla Gerber.
May 11th 2003 was born 1st Prdlavka litter out of parents Banjo and Kasthanka. Puppies left to different corners of the World, they live at Germany, Finland, Hungary , Japan and Czech.

At Spring 2005 Goldie was lended for a litter to her native kennel Nhabira. She raised litter of 9 puppies sired by True Pleasure Erasmus there. At the same time was Nora diagnosed to suffer from lymph-node cancer unfortunatelly. Early in June 2005 she refused food. I´v decided to put her into sleep after my offspring´s birth. On Wednesday June 22th, a week after my son´s Jiri (George) birth, Nora passed a way on my knees at our backyard. Her grave is in a wild hardwood behind house we lived in.

SinCe the end of 2005 I started to look for suitable stud for Goldie Her breeder persuaded me to mate to Udo del Galavrone who stayed at her that time. Therefor at the begining of May 2006 me and my friend Lenka Zitova – kennel Lady Barnett´s - travelled to Belgium. Mating turned out well and on the day of my 35th Birtday were born in Lenka´s living room 11 Prdlavkas. Eleven italian temperaments, eleven barking, tussling pups since 3 weeks of age. Some puppies left abroad. Out of those who stayed at Czech two puppies gained champion titles. Thanks to bitch Bamba-Bibi (she´s champion as well) who lelft us as a last one, came into being this new website. Thanks to skills of her Polish owner Bozena Halocha. My warm thanks Bozena!

 photo by J.Šimeček

Jirik was growing and I´v started to pine for Shows and showing. It was evident I need new „Prdlavka girl“. Begining 2007 year was born out of the beautiful Swede Sun´s Ella perspective litter at Nhabira kennel. After a quite long hesitating I chose a red blanket bitch Nhabira Giggles. I wanted to name her Goosberry first but Belgian Kennel Booked did not permit that because similar name Goosebump was used in that litter. So from Luxembourg´s Dog Show I travelled home with gentle, sweet princess Gigi. From first moment they were great friends with Jirik .She never bit him, never knocked him down. Since that time Jirik sees bassets (on a photo, hand-lettered, on TV) he calls them gigi. I entered Gigi for her 1st Show to European Dog Show at Zagreb. She was Best Baby there and was shown in a Main Ring by professional handler who trained her for shows a month earlier. Begining 2008 year Gigi started to be shown by Lenka Zitova because of my ill loin. They achieved several successes togehter.

What´s going to be next? Many times postponed Goldie´s litter for sure. Another shows for Gigi and perhaps next year she´ll reveal in show rings with Jirik. He wants to show her himself. During last show he shouted at Lenka who was showing Gigi: „Aunt! Aunt! I want to lead too!“

To be continued….

August 2008

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