On April 15th 2013 sudenly died Inter.Ch, MultiCh Born on My Birthday Prdlavka aka Jonas. He was most successful Prdlavka at Shows. Jonas was just 6 and half years old. On a photo I´m with Jonas and his sister Bessie.

I´v got sad news that on September 25th died Kastanka´s son Amos Komenius at Japan. He was 9 a half yers old. Enclosed is his last picture. Thank you Kazumi for taking great care for him!

14.7. Hermiona 1st time in Junior class got at National Dog Show at Mlada Boleslav under A.Polgar EXC.2nd

Anohter Prdlavka got another champion titule!

02 . 06.2012 Leszno, International Dog Show - PRESTIGE

Children´s Day we celebrated at LEGOLAND.

WW´12, BOB Lena Lady Barnett´s with her father Nhabira Home Run and judge Hana Ahrens

It happened 1st time in history of breeding bassets in Czech that bassethound bred and lived in Czech Republic won titule WW. On above that Lena Lady Barnett´s who´s mother is Bassetka Prdlavka was Best of Breed. So I had to be picutredd with Lenka and Lena as proud breeder of her mother!

On May 20th at World Dog Show Salzburg Hermiona was Very promissing 1st and we took a part at BIS Puppy competition. Pics made by Michaela Prenosilova

Another titule for Jonas - Born on my Birthday Prdlavka. Hurray !!!!

Almond´s daughter A proc ne Mina Prdlavka passed two hunting tests in May. My big congratulations comes to her trainer/coowener Mrs. Neuhortova!

Goldie´s son Baster growed up to handsome male. He got another CWC on April 27th at Opole

On April 22nd we´v visted Olo Klan Sycylijczykow who lives close to us.

Today April 5th Goldie - Nhabira Bohemia celebrates 10th Birthday. She´s Queen of my pack. During her life she raised 22 puppies in 3 litters. I´m happy to have succesor of her blood here her granddaughter Hermiona. On the behalf of all your kids
 I wish you strong health!

1.4. at Luxembourg Hermiona´s father Homer won open class with CAC under M.Manucci.

31.3. at International Dog Show Ceske Budejovice got jack russel terrier bitch A proc ne Mína Prdlavka coowned by Mrs.Neuhotorva res.CAC.

At same show Lena Lady Barnett´s (Bassetla Prdlavka x Nhabira Home Run) was CAC, CACIB under Siegfried Peter, 25 entries. Congratulations to both owners.

On March 4th Hermiona´s father Homer got onother BOB titule under Marita Rodgers (UK) at Dutch Groningen. Congratulations Nathalie!

27.1. Glogow International Dog Show,

 CARTIER'S SON I. Prdlavka, CWC, WINNER, judge: Malgorzata Supronowicz.
NEW POLISH CHAMPION. Congratulations to owners!

New Year fight basset versus jack russell

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