Girls on a walk last day in 2005 Year

Goldie's daughter Etoile

Next Goldie's kinds at their new homes. Black Eloise and Eden.

Nowember's afternoon at Chleby village.

Goldie's sons at new homes.

Goldie's son Echo with friend.

Goldie's daughter Etoile with granny Stein.

Goldie's daughter Esperanza and her new friend.

On October 15th Jiri took a part at his cousin's Lucie wedding.
We travelled by special wedding train from home to the church and restaurant.
Jiri enjoied it very much.

Goldie's daughter Nhabira Eukanuba at a new home.

On September 24th Goldie came home after maternity leave at Belgium.

On August 23rd Kastana celebrated her 5th birthday.
She sends regards to all her kids and grandkinds.

On July 17th Goldie whelped 9 puppies.
2 girls bic., 2 girls red blanket, 1 girl black tri., 1 girl tri., 1 boy bic., 1 boy red blanket, 1 boy black tri.
The new pictures (1,2,3, 4 weeks) you can also find here on the puppies page.

News from Hungary: Kastana is double granny! Ambrosie Banjo's whelped 5 boys and 2 girls, all bicolor.

Kastana is a grandmother! Her son Amos Komenius sired this beautifull litter at Japan.

Since June 15th our pack has a new member. At 10:50AM was born JIRI (George) KOCI - 3,98kg, 54cm

July 22nd left us Nora. She passed Rainbow Brdige at 13:25 PM. Had lymph glands cancer.

Last Nora´s pics taken 19.6.2005

First Prdlavka puppies celebrated 2nd Birthday

Ana-Mana at Germany

Arny Schwarczi at Czech Republic

Ambrosie Banjo´s at Denmark with her Hungarian owner

Goldie is going to be mated to True Pleasure Erasmus. Puppies will be born at her native kennel Nhabira.

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