Jiri with Christmas presents

On November 18th 2006 started our new house building.

All Prdlavkas´ are at their new owners. I wish them happy, healthy and long life!

18.11.2006 at International Dog Show at Prague I met Paco (Benjamin) a Jonas (Born)

We visited Bruncvik and his Family.

Will you give me that?

I will not give!

Really not!

OK, take it...

Let's go!

It's car, you know?


Where's my car?

Girls are playing together

Jiri with Bassetka Prdlavka

Jirik and Kastanka

Jiri makes friendship with puppies. "G" litter from kennel Lady Barnett's - 6,5 weeks old.

Goldie gave me the most beautiful Birthday present what I ever got! On July 2nd at a day of my 35th Birthday she whelped 11 puppies. More you can find at Puppies page.

On June 15th Jiri celebrated his 1st Birthday.

Life is tiresome sometimes...

Goldie is pregnant. Pups will be born around July 2nd.

On May 2nd Goldie visited her native kennel again.
She was mated tehre by ChIt. Udo del Galavrone.
Pups hopefully will be born in the beginning of July. Demands are wellcome!

Jiri: My first shoes!... My new bed!

Jiri is meeting our Russian blue cat Roxa and tests her cat food.

Jiri is getting to know dog's breeds. He started with the world's smallest breed - chihuahua. This one is named Kelly.

Jiri with a Christmas present from kennel del Galavrone.
Thank you Patrizia and Vincenzo!

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