NHABIRA FAVOURITE - Gigi´s half brother, ih his 19 month of age became
TOP DOG in the  HOUND GROUP in the Eukanuba Award 2007.
This phenomenal success was never achieved by bassethound there. I am proud to own 2 bitches from that kennel!

On Friday 30.11.2007 Prdlavka team left for double CACIB Shows to Austrian Wels.
Saturday judged Tamas Jakel – Hungary, Sunday judged Milivoje Urosevic - SCG

Gigi exc1 Jugendbester

   Jonas CACA on Saturday, CACA, resCACIB Sunday         Bessie both days CACA, resCACIB

                        Gigi exc 2nd on Saturday                                 Jugendbester and BOB on Saturday

                                                                                                   Flora Avaleur du Sabre - Hungary

17.11.2007 at International Allbreed Show at Prague with 5000 entries was Gigi handled by Best Czech Junior Handler Lucie Koterova under Hana Ahrens (A). They did very well, got Junior CAC and Cruft´s Qualification. Bessi resCACIB, beated by her companion Gina who was BOB and BOG 4.

Gigi´s halfbrother Nhabira Favourite as BIS5 at Bleiswijk.
He´s curently TOP Basset at Netherland. At 17 month of age it´s admirable!
Congratulations both to his owner Mr.Verlsuis and his breeder.

Here are Gigi´s brothers

                                                    Hardy Ozzy                                                          Gin-Tonic aka Pronto

Jelle with Hope Lady Barnett´s

During weekend 10-11. 11. 2007 Bibi got CWC (CAC) at International Show at Poznan under Stefan Stefik - President of Slovak Kynological Union and gamboled in a first snow with Gall

This is our house a year after commencement of building. Jirik helps to build as well.

Gigi being baby at native kennel pictured by 9 years old Annabell.

Bessi´s Working Certificate.
Congratulations Lenka, both you are skilful girls!

On Ocotber 14th Bessi passed hunting exams – blood tests for hounds. She fully showed her abilites and passed tests in 1st Price. Bessi - she´s historically first Prdlavka basset with hunting exams! That happened thanks to her owner, trainer and leader Lenka Zitova, kennel Lady Barnett´s.

At same day Bibi was Showed at Zabrze .She refused to moove, wanted leave Ring to Bozena´s husband who was making pics next to Ring. Seems some virus of disobedience circulates amongst Prdlavkas. Therefore she got Exc.2nd

6.10. at International Dog Show at Ceske Budejovice under Vera Dvorakova CZ, Jonas won Interm.class and later on beated Ares BassBeauty and got CACIB. It´s his 1st CACIB, aged 15 month and 4 days! Bessi was not in a mood, refused to be stacked, got Exc.2nd there.

                         Born on my Birthday Prdlavka                            Vera´s Valentine v.Grunsven

CACIB competition with Ares BassBeauty



Prdlavkas´ Results at Polish Basset Club Show 23.10. at Moszna castle under Francesco Lamarca, kennel della Luna Caprese:
 Jonas 2nd in Junior cl., Bessi Junior Club Winner, Bibi 4th in Junior cl.

Gigi was presented at puppy class, did not get lost among other 5 bitches
and took 2nd place behind bitch sired by judge´s male

BOB line from the left: Junior CW, CW, Best veteran, Bessi - Junior CW and Trixy - CW

Franceso was delighted with Bessi, therefore placed her 2nd at BOB line behind later BIS of thit Show
-  MultiCH Swede Sun´s Harodla

Sisters Bibi and Bessi

4th place Bamba-Bibi Prdlavka

Judge liked Jonas the most, but he did not have his best day and refused to moove, Michaela was not able to persuade him to make decent steps, therefore he was mooved from 1st place to 2nd at very end of class judgement. It´s no wonder, basset must moove fluently


At Polish Club Show, Breeding competitions started befroe Ring judgement there. At Breedrs Group competition amongs 7 others breedrs groups had its World premiere PRDLAVKA breedrs group.
Thank you Michaela with Jonas, Bozena with Bibi, Lenka with Bessi, you looked great!

On the way to Poland we stopped at Trutnov to visit Neubauer familly with Bruncvik.
His owner is so skilfull that made for him great automatic water basin and ingenious tunel run from garden to kennel, where Bruncivk stays whilst owner works at his car repair service, to not be home alone.

                                     Bruncvik with Lea                                              Automatic Water Basin


We stoped at our place to collect Gigi, so Jonas had oportunity to see his mother Goldie after a year.
To continue posing was disabled by Gigi who was so happy to see her good friend after 3 month what passed since their mutual journey to Zagreb.

22nd of September Michaela, Jonas and me we met at Nymburk and left to Poland for Basset Club Show.
Also Jirik came to meet Jonas.

15.9.2007 at Basset Club Club Show Jonas won Junior class with JCAC under Libuse Ubrova, thanks to that completed conditions for Czech Juniorchampionship and is 1st Prdlavka with titule
Congratulations Michaela!

Jonas after Show

At National Show Brno 8th of September 2007 (2498 entries both days) Basetka Prdlavka was CAJC under Ma³gorzata Wieremiejczyk – Poland.
Later on at Main Ring was BEST JUNIOR FEMALE AT SHOW.
Gina Lady Barnett´s was BOG. Good job Lenka! My warmest congratulations!

International Show Mlada Boleslav 1.9.2007
Judged by K. Schwippelova

                                                 Bessi was exc.2nd                          This is new Junior Champion

                                                                  Dafne z Valachitu

Pics of acuratelly 14 month old Bibi came from Poland

18.8.2007 Gigi took a part at International Dog Show at Bratislava, Slovak Republic. .
She hapilly runed at the Showground with shaking tail , wanted to meet all dogs, few minutes before judging became affraid, perhpas some dog frightened her, her tail felt down and staid there during judging in a Ring. When we were leaving Show she hapilly shaked again.
Therefore she was prosmissing only under José de Mello, bassethound kennel Dos Sete Moinhos.

Here are comments:
Feminine head, correct bite, nice ears, good neck, coorect front angulations, correct ribs, topline drooping down, sufficient hind angulation, could do with more bones, shy when mooves, is not showing a tail.

Michaela sent pics of Jona´s (Born) and Kuba from Summer holliday

Since half of August Bibi got new friend – Bobass Galliano. So Bozena has got two blackies.

Nhabira Giggles  21.07. 2007

To Czech came for a short visit Goldie´s and Gigi´s breeder Nathalie.

We went to see another Prdlavka – Bystrouska aka Besi. Gigi joined us this time. 

Kaija (Bohemia) posílá letní podrav z Finska

Bobinka (Bubu) at a day of her 1st Birthday was taken by her familly to photo studio. She posed as a model.

Jirik at his first foreign trip visited Bibi aka Bibol at Polish town Boleslawiec and celebrated her 1st Birthday together with her. Thank you Bozena and Janusz for great time at you!

22.6. 2007 two years passed since day when Nora crossed ower the Rainbow Bridge.
She was buried under ash-tree in a „wild forest“ behingdvillage we used to live and used to go for everady walks. Into slay at her grow were planted willow´s twigs what springed up and today grows little willow there.
KI´m thinking of her everyday thanks to golden drop I´m constatntly wearing. That drop on chain is shaped as her gorgeous head portrait.
I´d like and I´ll endavour to breed a puppy someday with similar head, which was for me (and for many others) unrivalled ideal....

On June 15th 2007 Jiri celebrated his 2nd Birthday. On a visit came his cousin Lucy with daughter Joan.

Gigi at European Dog Show Zagreb at her very first Show won Baby Class.

Gigi at BIS Baby - Eurodog Show Zagreb 2007

Born - Jonas got very good at Zagreb

2.6.2007 Kaija (Bohemia) was at Tallin exc.2nd and 3rd Best Bitch under Diego Ramalho from Portugal.
His comments: "Good line of skull and muzzle. Good lenght of ears. Nice neck and backline. Good angulations. Correct movement."

On 3rd June 2007 at Hounds Club Club´s Show was Bessi Exc.2nd under Dr.vet Simek, handled by Klara Zitova

At Child´s day Jiri rided 4 wheel buggy and horse.

On 27th May 2007 at Bassetklub Czech Republic Club Show was Born exc.2nd in Junior Class under Mr.Matyas Slovak Republic - ALL ROUNDER judge...

To keep fingers crossed for Born came Bubu Prdlavka aka Bobinka with her family

Bubu with her owner and another member of family Agata z Valachitu

On May 21st 2007 Jiri discovered wonderfull thing, that can went into girls´ wooden kennels - they have 3 of them. When was in, he started to bark and was very happy when I said Oh! We had new dog! Gigi went into as well, licking his face in there.

On May 19th 2007 at International Dog Show Litomerice was Bessi very good under L.Frncova CZ.

Good news came from Croatia: On May 19th 2007 was Bara´s Birthday Baby shown for 1st time. At National Dog Show at Samobor won Junior Class. Congratulations!

    before entering Ring with Slavica      during judging      with her young handler

Newest Bibi pics came from Poland. Her owner Bozena works at Denmark in a mean time, therefore she´ll start her Show Duties at Autumn. When I´m looking at her, I believe she´ll catch up on titules soon...

At International Dog Show Prague 28.4. 2007 under judge V.Dvorakova CZ, both Prdlavka puppies won Junior Class!

  Born - Jonáš Junior CAC                                                     Bassetka - Bessinka Junior CAC

BOB Line, from the right Bassetka, Trixy Moravia Bray, Born, Vera´s Valentyne v.Grunsven.

Bohemia aka Kaija is great puppysitter
of Bracco italiano puppies at Heinaaron kennel

Born on my Birthday and Bassetka started their Show duties
at International Dog Show at Ceske Budejovice 21.4. 2007,
judge Libuse Ubrova CZ

   Born - Junior CAC                                                            Bassetka - Exc. 4

Here are photos which came from Croatia, Bara´s Birthday Baby
and her owner Slavica are training for Shows

On April 7th me, Gigi, Jiri and photographer Jan Simecek
we visited kennel Lady Barnett´s to make some pics there.

Jiri and Gigi are good fellows since first minute!
They ate sponge-biscuits together...

2.4. 2007 Gigi came to Chleby

Son of Ambrosie Banjo´s Prdlavka
got at Luxembourg´s Show resCACL

Daughter of Amos Komenius Prdlavka did well in Japan, was Best Bitch.

Amalka-Roosa sends regards from Finland  ...as well as Beruska-Berta

Born 8,5 months old ,Bessi 8,5 months old

On March 6th 2007 at newspapers PRAVO was issued this article!
(Click on the picture to enlarge...)

We visited kennel Lady Barnett´s

First Prdlavka "B" puppy started Show duties!
At all Breed puppy show in Helsinki under Harri Lehkonen Kaija won BOB puppy.
Congratulations to Teija!
from judges´s comments:
exc really strong body for age, beautiful head, good ears, exellent front and topline,
showing really beautifully, moving happily and with exellent step

Prdlavkas grow very well! Here is Born aka Jonas - 7 months old

Bibi 7,5 months

Bessi 7 months

Winter finally came to us!

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