Jirik enjoing Christmas Presents

With Christmas Wishes from Germany from Kastanka´s daughter Ana-Mana´s owners came her pics as well

November 11th had Jirik Christmas party at Nursery School. He act dog in a Story about huge beet.

After performance chicks had banquet. Jirik had eaten almost all cookies what were on a plate

At Double CACIB Wels 6.-7.12. Bassetka and Born on My Birthday fullfiled conditions for Austrian Championchip. Jonas was CACIB, BOB on Sunday, thanks to that he´ll be awarded by International Champion titule.
Thank you girls and boy, I´m so proud!

November 15th at International Dog Show at Prague with 23 entries got Gigi CAC

Bassetka Prdlavka resCACIB and Born on My Birthday Prdlavka resCAC

On November 4th was received Entry Confirmation for Gigi from European Dog Show Budapest. Was sent April 12th, sent to Costarica ! Bravo organizers!!!

19.10. Gigi passed International Blood Tests for Hounds led by Lenka Zitova - kennel Lady Barnett´s who trained her for tests.
Mr.Charles Stork made unique pics of tracking basset plus pics of obedience there. That basset was Gigi.

Test passed Michaela with Born on My Birthday Prdlavka nad Gina Lady Barnett´s who won CACT. Congratulations to all of them!

3.10. At Europena Dog Show Budapest Gigi took 4th place at Inermediate Class. There were 117 bassethounds entered (68 bitches). My warm thanks goes to Lenka Zitova - kennel Lady Barnett´s for Gigi´s proffesional handling there!

at same Show Born on My Birthday Prdlavka got excellent in open class

behind him are breeders of his fahter Udo - Vincenzo and Patrizia

On September 28th at International Dog Show Ceske Budejovice my friend Lenka Zitova achieved great success. Her kennel Lady Barnett´s won BIS Breeders Groups!
It happend 2nd time in a history of Shows at Czech when bassethound kennel won.this titule. CONGRATULATIONS LENKA!!!

foto: Iva Èernohubová

At the same Show Born on My Birthday Prdlavka got CAC

Half a year since she got last titules needed for championchips Bassetka Prdlavka received these diplomas. Congratulations!

Here are Gigi´s brothers:

Gigolo at Canada

and Gin Tonic at Holland

Since September 1st Jirik is attending infant school!

30.8. International Dog Show Mlada Boleslav Gigi CAC, resCACIB

On weekend 23.-24.8. took place 2 basset Shows at Polish town Jelenija Gora. National Show on Saturday was judged by Hana Ahrens, Sunday´s Club Show judged Carla Gerber. Both days Born on my Birthday Prdlavka won Open Class with titule CWC. Bassetka and Bamba-Bibi both took 3rd places both days. At Club Show Prdlavka kennel took 2nd place in Breeders Groups competition and at Brood Bith competition Nhabira Bohemia´s offsprings were 4th. Thank you Bozena, Lenka and Michaela for kennel Prdlavka representation!

19.7. at National Dog Show at Mladá Boleslav Gigi CAC, National Winner (was Best Bitch). Handled by Lenka Zitová, kennel LadyBarnett´s


On June 26th me with Gigi and Michaelea with Jonas we went to Belgium to visit kennel Nhabira and 2 Shows at Holland. At International Show Uden 28.6. uder Bad Bosh was Jonas Exc.1st, Gigi Exc.1st, resCACIB. On Sunday at Championchip Club Match Jonas Exc.1St , Gigi good. Amongst 103 entered bassethounds under Swedish judges – not basset specialist, was even BOB bitch from Uden good.

 photo by Jacqueline

15.6. Jirik celebrated his 3rd Birthday. Sitting on motorbike he´s dressed in Japanese traditional dress JI N BE I who was sent to him as a Birth Present by Kazumi Inoue, Amos Komenius´s owner. 
If everything goes well another Prdlavka will fly to Festa kennel next year.


Same day at Polish town Kalish Bamba-Bibi was CWC, BOB, BOG3. Winning there she fulfilled conditions for Polish Championchip.

Congratulations Bozena and Janusz!

At International Dog Show Litomerice 24.5. with almost 4000 entries I had a chance to compeat for BOB with Bassetka Prdlavka. She was CAC,CACIB, BOB under V.Dostál – well known dogs genetician and former President of Czech Kynological Union, later on she was res.BOG under V.Piskay - Slovak Republic.

Gigi got CAJC there.

Weekend May 17th-18th was in token of Prdlavkas success. At Bratislava double CACIB Show was Jonas CAC,on Saturday, CAC, resCACIB on Sunday.
At Polish National Show at Jelenia Gora was Bibi CWC, BOB. She pleased by this result not only Bozena but her husband Janusz as well, who was very proud of Bibol!

Jonas judged by Mr.Teija Pedro Gonzales.

11.5. 2008 at Hounds Club Club Show got Jonas - Born on My Birthday CAC under L.Ubrova (CZ).
Gigi was Exc.2nd

On May 2nd aged 16 month Gigi became Champion of Montenegro, day after got her 1st CACIB winning at International Dog Show at Zadar-Croatia under Ivana Bakal (HR) when beated 3 bitches from Open Class. On May 4th Gigi was resCACIB there. These great results she could achieve thanks to Sarka Bajerova – kennel of Bajer, who took her to these 4 Shows. MANY

13.4.2008 Started to work new new basset website, have a look: www.bassets.cz

12.4.2008 at National Dog Show at Ostrava under Lenka Frncova was Gigi CAJC again and judge wrote her best comments she ever got. In a Main Ring was handled by Martina Smetanova.

30.3.2008 Gigi went with handler Martina Smetanova to Luxebourg where under Ramune Kazlauskiate from Latvia were enetered 30 bassethounds.

                            Gigi - Exc. 2nd                                                        Grace Avaleur de Sabre - CAJC

Gigi handled Martina Smetanova

23.3. 2008 At Inernational Show at Prauge with Cruft´s qualification under Vera Dvorakova (CZ) Gigi got last JCAC needed to became Czech Junior Champion and was Cruft´s 2009 qualified. Jonas - Born on My Birthday resCAC, Bassetka Prdlavka CAC, CACIB, BOB, Crufts´s 2009 qualified. There were 21 bassethounds entered. See you at Birmingham next year!

Gigi´s half brother Favourite BOB at Dutch Groningen under President of Slovakian Kynological Union Mr. S.Stefik.

Bubu´s owner sent new pics.

Jiri teaches to eat his plushy dogs Doldy (Goldie) and Dydy (Gigi)

9.2.2008 at International Dog Show with 23 bassethounds entered under Mr.J.Dostal (CZ) was Gigi Exc 1st, CAJC and at Main Ring among high competition (more than 50 bitches) was BIS3 Junior Bitch. Gigi was professionally handled by Lenka Zitova - kennel Lady Barnett´s as I had to stay home because blocked loin. Well done girls!
Jonas - Born on my Birthday was Exc.1st

Regards form Poland send Bibi, on the right is her friend Gall.

Kaija at Finland enjoys not only Shows but snow and caribou too. We don´t have any snow and any caribou here. She has a ball! Tirri is junketing with her.

Good news came from Finland. Kaija – Bohemia was at International Dog Show 27.1. at Turku
3rd Best Bitch from about 15 bitches under Christian Jouanchicot from France.
Kaija is on the left.

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