Today December 29th we received Christmas parcel from Russia, from Marina. Jirik siad: "Thank you aunt from far-way land!"

Our house passed finall building approval!

At newly issued book From puppy till dog revealed amongst 150 beautiful photos taken by Jan Simecek pictures of Almond and Jirik

Born on My Birthday Prdlavka - Stud Dog

owner Michaela Prenosilova, email:

8.10. at INTERRA Show got Almong Very Promissing 4th

Almondīs free handling

Almond with the judge Mrs.Gitty Schwab (LUX)

9.10. World Dog Show Bratislava - Gigi Excellent as well as day after at Basset Speciality.
Judge from Russia did not like Almond at Wordl Show, so she was Promissing only.
At World Dog Show under Medard Ringuet Jacques who awarder several "very good" and even "good" was Bron on My Birthday Prdlavka Excellent 4th. Same placement at Specialty day after.

12.9. had Almond Show pre-viwe before World Show at Bratisalva at 60th Club Show of Terrier Club. At Baby Class was awarder very promissing 1st. At that show was entered Jirik as well, to competition Child and Dog. Jirik got huge applause for his introducing himself and his dog. Almond was BIS Baby 4th.

Bamba-Bibi Prdlavka and her 4 month old kids

From Finland was received this lovely picture showing Bohemia Prdlavka with her son and ownerīs nephew. Thank you Teija!

I'd be delighted to announce that 1st basset bred by me was awarded by title International Champion. Michaela and Jonas I am so proud of you!

Bassetkaīs sons, photo by Jan Simecek

Gigi became Champion of Ukraine!

Weekend 8.-9.8. was enormously successful for Gigi. At Uzhorod - Ukraine at International, National Shows and at Speciality of hunting dogs she got on Saturday CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG, on Sunday CAC, BOB, BOG and CAC, BOB. She is new Champion of Ukraine and fulfiled conditions of International Championchip. All these could happend thanks to willingnes of Ingrid Dedkova kennel Bohemia Platina who included Gigi to hers Show Team of 17 dogs and handled Gigi to success. Ingrid, my huge thanks!

Handling Radek Blažo

Gigi BOG, handling Ingrid Dedkova

Almond was trimmed at lady Barnettīs saloon

Today August 4th went over Rainbow Bridge my motherīs Russian blue cat Roxa. I bought Roxa to her at Autumn 1995 year…


Bassetkaīs sons aged 5 weeks

Almond 4,5 month old

Here are lovely Goldieīs grandsons at kennel Lady Barnettīs aged 3,5 weeks

Born on My Birthday pictured at a day of his 3rd Birthday

Bessieīs boys are growing fast

Hist, Almond sleeps.......

Today July 2nd Iīm celebrating Birthday, together with me Prdlavka "B" litter as well. Congratulations to all of us!

This lady caused that I became bassethoundsī breeder! She is Marina Antonova, lives at Sankt Peterbourg

Jonas received another Champion Diploma!

21.6. we visited Bamba-Bibi and her puppies. Jirik liked them a lot as well as me.

19.6. Bassetka Prdlavka whelped 3 boys sired by her colleague from Lady Barnetīs pack - Quo Vadis.

On June 15th Jirik celebrated his 4th Birthday. Almond did not like her festive dress and refused to pose for camera.

Goldieīs grandson left to new familly. Father Jonas came to take a leave as well.

On May 23rd 3 weeks earlier got Jirik his Birthday present. A jack russel
terrier bitch Almond Milk BOHEMIA PLATINA. She was born at a day when Jirikīs
adenoids was operated, therefore she was name Almond. Her mother was born same day as Gigi. We went with her to famous dogs photographer Jan Simecek who is picturing Prdlavkas since 2000 year.

So WELCOME ALMOND! Welcome to Prdlavka pack!

Today we have nice visit - Brunvcik Prdlavka came with his familly. And as well as on a "B" litter photo he didnīt sit again.

9.5. at Double CACIB at Bratislava got Jonas both days CAC. He is Slovakian Champion now. Congratulations!

On April 30th Goldieīs daughter Bamba-Bibi gave birth to 7 big pups sired by MultiCH, MultiBOG,BIS, WWī06 Woferlow Single Malt

April 30th we left for a trip to Norht Moravia. Firstly we visited kennel Bohemia Platina. Jirik preferd toys over dogs

His future birthday present didnīt interest him very much.

We continued to visit grandpa Alexander to town Opava. Grandpapa took a part at old timers races at mountain Jesenik on Saturday. Thanks to Jirikīs cheering for grandpa won!

24.4. winning CWC at Polish Opole Jonas - Born on My Birthday became Polish Champion. Itīs his 5th Champion titule, thanks to that he is the most successful Prdlavka.

On April 5th at her Birthday was Goldie mated. On journey back to home we visited her pregnant daugter Bibi at Polish Boleslawiec


3.4. Born on My Brithday became fahter, at kennel Lady Barnettīs was born only child - male same colour as daddy


My basset girls will take a part via their genetical samples at research on short legs genes at dogs runed at Agricultural University at Prague.

We have visited my sisterīs family in my native town at South Moravia. Jirik had lot of fun with my grandniece Joan.

Goldie became grandmother! Her daugter Bohemia aka Kaija gave birth at Finish kennel Heinaaron to 5 boys (2 bi-colour and 3 tri-colour) and 1 bic. girl on 22.2. 2009.

Jirik at kindergarten. Perhaps future vet?

Gigi at Double CACIB Show at Brno, 7.2. Lenka Frncova (CZ) – Exc.2nd, 8.2. Andrzej Mania (PL)- president of Polish Kynological Union – CAC, CACIB, BOB (24 entries)

 during judging



Judges comments
2 years old, fine type overall, correct head, dark eyes, scissors bite, pretty neck line, excellent lower and upper line, correct angulations, good movement, bitch is not in a show condition

Noble overall, faultless top line, pretty head, faultless movement, good presentation, typical feminine expression

Since February 1st we are living in our new house!

Doggy run still not finished.

Doggy bathroom with function 3 in 1 = bathing, laundry, puppy room

Floor heated place for whelping box

My congratulations to Lenka and Bessie!

Michaela and Jonas - my congratulations!

There was snowing at Poland, at Czech as well.

Today, January 2nd Gigi celebrates 2nd Birthday!

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