Puppies left to their new homes

Puppies 6 weeks


 MAX - booked

ZORRO - booked

MATTY - booked

 M═NA - booked

Puppies 38 days old

puppies 4,5 weeks old, FOR SALE 2 males and 1 female

male 1

male 2


Puppies 1 month old

Puppies opened their eyes

Dog 1

Dog 2



Puppies 10th day

Puppies 5th day doubled up their weight


3 boys and 1 girl

Cartier┤s Son aka Baster and his little owners

I┤v got CD full of beautifull pics of my girls. Photo by Jiri Krivanek.

23.10. Almond grows well, experienced ones estimate 5 pups, she is due around Novemeber 8th

In a journal PsÝ kusy ľ Doggy finesse were issued pics of Gigi, Goldie, Suzy as .an illustrative photography for an article about bassethounds.
Photo: Pes JÝra

Cartier┤s Son  aka Baster living at Poland waits for dinner

2.10. European Special Show of hounds at Slovenj Gradec - Lena Lady Barnett┤s ( Nhabira Home Run x Bassetka Prdlavka) BIS Baby

At Europen Dog Show Celje Bassetka┤s Prdlavka daughter -Lena Lady Barnett┤s became BOB Baby and at BIS was shortlisted amonghts 6 most beautifull babies of the day.

From September 25th till 28th was raining here. Doggy run and field next to it changed into lake. We have evacuated girls into garage. I did not leave to European Show to Celje as water was still same after several days.

18.09.2010 Go│uchˇw IX Club Show of Polish Basset Club
judged by Nigel Luxmore-Ball (Taneron)
BAMBA BIBI PRDLAVKA Best Brood Bitch and her offspring took 1st place at Junior and Baby Class.
Congratulation Bo×ena, I┤m so proud!

September 18th at 1st Club Show of Jack and Parson Russel terries got Almond┤s father Rapunzellin Wildlands BillyBOB and BIS. Jirik handled Almond at Child and Dog competition again. Though lady judge did not like Almond we enjoyed that Show very much.

XXVIII Zielonogˇrska Wystawa Psˇw Rasowych
Cartier┤s Son I.Prdlavka BOB Baby

September 11th at Terrier Club Show got Almond very good, passed breeding evaluation, was shown by Jirik at Child and Dog competition and Jirik found new friends not only amongst terriers there.

Goldie┤s granddaughter Marina Klan Sycylijczykˇw daughter of Gogo and Bibi became BIS Baby at International Dog Show Krakow. Congratulations!

August┤s afternoon at Chleby

 On August 23rd Kastanka celebrated her 10th Birthday. She is living without eyes due to glaucoma almost 5 years. Despite that she enjoys life and thanks to longevity of her mom and granny there is a premise she will join us many years more.

Same day I brought from Hungary new member of our pack ľ 13month old bitch Happy Birthday of Riverside aka Suzy.
Is it destiny?
Suzy joined Prdlavka pack imediatelly without any problems

 5 month old Cartier┤s Son I. aka Baster in a Show training

Past Saturday I went with my friends to help them choose bullterier puppy femal at kennel Pajar. On Sunday we went to Detenice chateau where Jirik took a part in Fairytale afternoon.

Cartier┤s Son chase down his win!

Cariter┤s Son aka Baster became BIS Baby at 1st Show in his life, it was National Huntig Dogs Show at Legnica.
Well done Krzysztof!

Almond┤s Working Certificate enables her to compete in a Working Class at Shows.

CÚrka aka Baboou is enjoing Summer

Almond at earth hunt tests

Junet 27th Almond passed earth hunt tests with full points in superb time 11 sec.

Today June 24th Gigi received diploma CHAMPION INERNTAIONAL DE BEUAT╔ from FCI. She is 1st International Champion owned by me

Goldie┤s grandkids at kennel Lady Barnett┤s 9 weeks old


Jirik with police dog

CÚrka aka Baboou at new home

CÚrka has left with new owner todaday to town Brno. These are her last photos taken here.

Cheerful Cartier┤s Son aka Baster at Starek┤s familly


Cartier┤s Son lives at Poland and Starek┤s familly

C╔RKA IS FOR SALE, on a photos 7 weeks old

On the occasion of Mother┤s Day Jirik painted for me this picutre. For 1st time in his life he painted our dogs. All of them including puppies! I┤m person in a red dress, my husband Pavel has blue T-shirt.

Son and Daughter 6,5 weeks old

On May 2nd we went to train Almond on fox-earth again. She did very well there so after arrival to home she had privilege to take a rest in a bed clothes.

I took off Gigi for mating and made pics of Bessie┤s kids same day.

On April 30th Son and Dughter were 6 weeks old.

 Bessie┤s and Homer┤s kids

2 Prdlavka bassets have met - Born on My Birthday and Bassetka

Son 5 weeks

On April 18th we went with Almond to test her hunting abilites at arificial fox
earths. She has done very well there. There was not possible make any pics there
so I took this one only where Jirik is runing after little girl.

April 20th Son and Daughter 1st time outside being 4,5 weeks old

Today April 15th Bessie and Homer became parents of 3 puppies. 2 girls and 1 boy were born

10.4. at National Dog Show at Ostrava was father of Son and Daugter BOB, BOG3
 under G.Weron (PL)

3 weeks

Almond meets pups

Today I let her go to see them for 1st time. Jirik expertly showed her how to do it

Bohemia Prdlavka aka Kaija got BOS at Easter Show at Finland. Her kennel mate Nhabira Hampton aka Keijo got BOB there


Son and Daughter 2 weeks

1,5 kg

1,2 kg

 Bamba-Bibi┤s Prdlavka daughter - FANCY  Klan Sycylijczykow, owner Dana Klukova is successful in Show Rings . She┤s crazy girl as her ancestors.

1 week

Puppies doubled up birth weight already

Son and Daughter 4 days old

Today March 20th Goldie at her last life┤s litter gave me boy and girl.
Their names are CARTIER┤S SON and C╔RKA - it means, girl/daughter in a dialect from region I came form.
So we have son and daughter!

On March 15th Almond celebrated her 1st Birthday and had sausage party with other Prdlavka girls


Almond at International Show at Brno.

"K" litter Lady Barnett┤s 10 days old

5.3. at kennel Lady Barnett┤s was born 1 girl and 2 boys sired by Born on My Birthday Prdlavka, mother is Gina Lady Barnett┤s.

Homer enjoys snow with Lenka and her pack.

Almond┤s heat pants - Jirik┤s briefs.

Wellcome to Czech Homer!


For a short period came to Czech Nhabira Home Run (Ion-Ion de Ianca x Swede Sun┤s Ella).
We appriciate very much his breeder/owner┤s Nathalie Franckx offer to use him.

Almond was excellent at International Dog Show Brno on February 7th under F.Cochetti (I) among 12 bitches in Junior Class, her father got CAC, resCACIB there. And she is not puppy anymore, came into season!


Jirik with Almond at Planet of Animals journal. Photo by Jan Simecek.

18.1. A day after Goldie┤s mating was born at Brno, at Moravia Bray kennel their grandchildren. Sire of 3 red blakets is Born on My Birthday Prdlavka

Because of snow calamity at Czech I didn┤t go for foreign mating with Goldie but we travelled by train to Brno. Goldie was mated January 16th and 17th by Cartier Queen┤s Hermelin

8.1. My dream to touch my most popular animal - cheetah came truth today! I had oportunity to play with newst arrival to ZOO Chleby, cheetah female Mzuri.


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