Albert z Masamile

September 9, 1993 - February 22, 2001
Breeder: Alena Bartosova

Dear Albert,
So, you have passed the Rainbow Bridge. You have been my first dog ever. Everything begun with you. Thanks to you and your parents Dollar and Beruna I became a mad kynologist and I will love bassets foreverů.
With loving memory


Nora Pois

Whelped: April 8, 1997 - Died: June 22, 2005
Breeder: Vincenzo Succi Cimentini, Italy

July 22nd left us Nora. She passed Rainbow Brdige at 13:25 PM. Had lymph glands cancer.
My name is Nora Pois. It means in french "point". Point I have white on my back. I was born in Italy. My mother was choosen by Bara at World Dog Show 1995 and she was waiting for me a long time. I am very happy to be Czech now and Albert is happy too.
My ancestors were very nice and famous bassets. Mum was born at Portugal in the most succesfull basset kennel in the World owned by Jose Homem de Mello - the breeder of 3 World Winners and even BIS World Winner. Daddy arrived from America from long time experienced and known kennel there. I am trying to not disgrace them, Bara was anxious to get me and told I could be without an ear but I must be mainly good in character! And I am - the basset with best character in Czech!



Nora's Show Results:

Excellent II - European Dog Show Genova 1998- it was a first Show in my live!
2xCAJC, 2xCACIB, 2xres.CACIB, Winner of Wroclaw, 2xBOB, BIG
These are my best results. Sometimes Judges did not like me because I do not like to be shown in a ring


Nora's Pedigree.

Olde Fashion
Raicing with the Moon

Ch. Doo-Run's
Moon Shadow
Ch. Kahl Me
Olde Fashion Alpine
Ch.Scheilar's Reagan
Kahl Me Pretty Pretty Girl
Ch. Olde Fashion
Luna Mystique
Ch.Sonny Olde Fashion Spumoni
Yenta's Olde Fashion Live Wire
Olde Fashion
Candyland Ruth
Ch. Olde Fashion
Lonely Boo Who
Ch. Sonny Olde Fashion Spumoni
Ch. Bevlee Cindy Lu Who View
Ch. Olde Fashion
Candy Cane
Ch. Yenta's Orange Spice CD
Olde Fashion Wild Irish Rose
Ch.It. Moka
Dos Sete Moinhos
Keep on Tutch Dos Sete Moinhos Ch. Am.Port.Esp. Bricar's
Uther Pendragon
Ch. Ann-Dean's Mag-Wheels
Ch. Bricar's Midnight Lace
Big Bone Purdey
Igor v.Hollandheim
Ch. Big Bone Galaxy-Babuschka
Ch. Port. Bricar's
Midnight Madness
Ch.AKC Ann-Dean's
Ch. Newton's Big Wheel
Ch. Tailgate Magnolia
Ch. Am.Port. Bricar's
Midnight Lace
Ch. Beaujangle's Ten
Ch. Ann-Dean's Blossom of Magnolia